Point In Time


Gather all of your wits this is going to be a ride you will never forget. As we start to think, stop and don’t think, but we can’t, all we can do is think harder. Think beyond our normal ability, the ability that was given to us has its limitations. We can’t think past what we know so we only think about ourselves. Ourselves is the here and now or are we behind, maybe, we are really not thinking where we are suppose to be, that is, in the future. Not the space age future but the future before it is suppose to happen. If we could train our thoughts to be one step ahead how would our minds fair. Would we be lonely or would we be the future everyone else follows. That said would other people be able to comprehend the level of our thought process. Intelligence is for people who have something to prove to other people; wisdom is for the thought that everyone thinks about. A thought is not a thought at all, when a thought is released it is no longer a thought and no one will ever know that it was a thought, because there is no way to prove it. It becomes an action or sentence and is no longer a thought. Think about it but don’t let anyone know or it will no longer be a thought. To stay ahead you must think ahead to think ahead you must be able to comprehend all of the possible outcomes. Outcomes backwards are the actions; the action is what is to be seen before it happens. A word is just letters, it has no meaning until the letters are put in order, order is just a path to follow. So follow this word and find the path, the path that gives you insight the insight into the next action the action that tells the future, the future that must be seen before you act.

Philip Benson