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Personality Breakdown

Which way will you go, your personality will be your downfall without control! Research shows that we will manipulate personality to dictate worldly outcomes. The Human species is so predictable if nothing at all. Breath on the nostrils of a horse and he will be yours for life. Breath on the nostrils of a human and you will be told your breath stinks!

The big five factor

So predictable if nothing at all, even monkeys stood up at some point. I have lost all faith in the human species, especially the ones who discard humanity as if it is a food wrapper.


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Bias: Distorting influences of present knowledge, beliefs, and feelings on recollection of previous experiences

  • Consistency bias: Tendency to reconstruct the past to fit the present
  • Change bias: Tendency to exaggerate differences between what we feel or believe now and what we felt or believed in the past
  • Egocentric bias: Tendency to exaggerate the change between present and past in order to make ourselves look good in retrospect

I get it, it is was your memory and you were the one who experienced it, but it isn’t what really happened. Try and focus on what really happened and you will be a better person!

To recall the truth you must be willing to tell the truth, a truth that may not be what you want to recall.



Self conceptSelf-concept: a person’s explicit knowledge of his or her own behaviors, traits, and other personal characteristics

  • Self-narrative is the story we tell about ourselves.
  • Self-narratives and trait self-concepts don’t always match up.
  • Self-verification: the tendency to seek evidence to confirm the self-concept

Look deep within yourself and find who you are, do not rely on the words of others to confirm what you may already know.

You Don’t Know Who You Are!

You Don’t Know Who You Are!

You Don’t Know Who You Are!

You Don’t Know Who You Are!

You Don’t Know Who You Are!


It is very common for people to pull traits from others and pretend to be something they are not. Then without any reservations tell the story of their life (fairy Tale).





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