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Bury your past, there is no where to hide when interference is used against you.

Bury the Past

Interference “is a phenomenon of human memory involving the learning of new material where the learning of new information or behavior interacts with “old learning” or memories, thoughts and behaviors that come from past learning, and interferes with the acquisition or comprehension of the new information”

What path to take when everyone, including yourself, is using your past against you, bury it deep. It is being sought out by everyone!

In Psychology it is not uncommon to say use your past to your benefit, however if your past clouds your future, then you become a stagnant pond. (Cease developing, become inactive or dull)








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Bias: Distorting influences of present knowledge, beliefs, and feelings on recollection of previous experiences

  • Consistency bias: Tendency to reconstruct the past to fit the present
  • Change bias: Tendency to exaggerate differences between what we feel or believe now and what we felt or believed in the past
  • Egocentric bias: Tendency to exaggerate the change between present and past in order to make ourselves look good in retrospect

I get it, it is was your memory and you were the one who experienced it, but it isn’t what really happened. Try and focus on what really happened and you will be a better person!

To recall the truth you must be willing to tell the truth, a truth that may not be what you want to recall.