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27 de abril de 2020

The things you own Tyler

Find your way out of all of the wonderful items you have acquired! Imagine if you did not have an extra insurance payment or if you did not have a credit card payment. If you had monies to do nothing with, what would you do with yourself. The average household has 17,750 in their savings account, is this true with you?

By giving things away you find what it means to live simply so others may simply live!

Cut your own hair, make your own coffee, change your own oil, cook your own food! Don’t become a slave to the easy ways of life. Do the math for yourself, average cup of coffee at StarBucks is $3.50, times 5 is $17.50, then times 52 is $910.00 now what would you do with an extra $910.00 dollars?

Think about it!

What have you learned during Coronageddon, I assume you have cut back on a great many things, what does this mean to you?

Easily Influenced

Information Manipulation Theory


This theory involves a persuasive person deliberately breaking one of the four conversational maxims. These are the four:


  • Quantity: Information is complete and full.
  • Quality: Information is truthful and accurate.
  • Relation: Information is relevant to the conversation.
  • Manner: Information is expressed in an easy-to-understand way and non-verbal actions support the tone of the

If you let your political beliefs define you, then you are as much of an ass as the politicians that seeded that bullshit in you!

It is no surprise that there some ass backwards people who will even try and mix religion into this big wad of cookie dough, go figure!